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The following articles from our newsletter, The Blind Teacher, may be of use either for a teacher who is losing his or her vision and adjusting to sight loss or a visually impaired teacher who has been in the field for some time. Although some articles refer to technologies that have been largely superceded in recent years, the underlying concepts remain useful nonetheless.

Additional Articles

American Foundation for the Blind.
Access World,,
which is one of the single best sources for current information on adaptive technology. The following articles are especially appropriate for educators and students. The publication, however, also offers a storehouse of excellent information on a wider range of technology that may be of interest. You may also want to visit our page on
Computers and Assistive Technology
to read some of these articles.

Tax Tips for the Blind
This page from TurboTax provides an excellent description of tax benefits for blind and visually impaired tax filers. It includes items that, while applicable to anyone paying Federal tax, may be more appropriate for someone who is blind as well as some items specifically intended for the legally blind.

Specialized Classroom Tools

AFB Classroom for Blind Teacher
This virtual classroom is designed to show how to accommodate teachers who have very little or no useable vision. Although not every teacher with vision loss will need or want every accommodation here, the page is helpful in describing the tools and technology a blind teacher might use. In addition, learn what successfully employed blind users of assistive technology have to say
In Their Own Words
about the devices they use on the job.

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