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The American Association of Blind Teachers is an informal association of blind and visually impaired teachers with members teaching on all levels from elementary to graduate school in subjects ranging from rehabilitation to physics, special ed. to history, and music to foreign language. Members teach both blind and sighted students. While some members are itinerant teachers of the visually impaired and others work in traditional residential schools for the blind, the large majority of our members teach in either the conventional public school or college classroom.

The primary purpose of the organization is to provide support to our members and other blind and visually impaired teachers or students. We publish a newsletter, The Blind Teacher, three times a year in Braille, large print, and e-mail.

In addition, membership in AABT also entitles you to membership in the
American Council of the Blind
. ACB publishes a monthly newsletter,
The Braille Forum
covering issues of interest to the blind as well as holding a national convention in July. The Convention features nationally known speakers both inside and outside of the disability community; displays of the latest adaptive technology; workshops; seminars; affiliate programs; and social activities. In addition, it plays an important role nationally in supporting legislation and litigation of benefit to the blind and visually impaired.

Joining AABT also facilitates networking with other blind and visually impaired teachers. The membership is an excellent resource for finding answers to those problems that are unique to blind and visually impaired classroom teachers.

Most importantly, AABT is a source that blind students interested in teaching as well as visually impaired teachers who are experiencing trouble are frequently referred to. When someone wants to know "How would a blind teacher do this?" or "Has anyone who is visually impaired taught this before?," AABT is frequently the first source that is consulted by students, teachers, and school administrators.

It is not necessary to be blind or visually impaired or be a teacher to join AABT. Membership is open to anyone interested in the goals of the organization. Membership in AABT is $25 for those currently teaching, $20 for retired teachers as well as anyone not teaching at present, and $10 for students. For additional information, please contact

John Buckley
1025 Ree way
Knoxville, TN 37909
Phone: (865) 692-4888

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